Eco-friendly package

Chiara Buosi January 02, 2022

My Dream World

In recent months I have often thought about what creativity meant to me. It has always represented divergent, fluid, original thinking, the ability to go outside...

girly wedding collar total black

Chiara Buosi April 19, 2021

Wedding with the dog in total black

Black is particular, for some is a non-color, for others it represents power, mystery and charm. It is the favorite choice of fashion addicted because you can combine...

Why made to measure?

Chiara Buosi January 18, 2021

Why made to measure?

In a world where mass production is the dominant choice, “pre-established” sizes represents an inviolable dogma in which we must forcibly re-enter. Why...

The year to come

Chiara Buosi December 31, 2020

The year to come

A few years simply "pass", they slip away into anonymity and end up in oblivion. Others don't, they mark you forever, like some of the moments that have...

Christmas has come, now what?

Chiara Buosi December 24, 2020

Christmas has come, now what?

Christmas has arrived again this year, a Christmas different from the others for the events that characterized the year that is coming to the end. We have learned...

Under the sea...

Chiara Buosi December 09, 2020

Under the sea

“Under the sea Darling it's better Down where it's wetter” Sebastian sang in the Little Mermaid. In the middle of December, with the rain nostalgically...

Lace and Crepe de Chine

Chiara Buosi October 12, 2020

Chantilly and Crêpe de Chine petals

What to do when you want your dog to bring you the rings to the altar? The first thing is to "dress" her elegantly, in touch with marriage, but respecting...

Collar with roses, lace and leash

Chiara Buosi September 10, 2020

Scotland and ... thistle

This story begins with Arianna's request for a personalized collar for her Celine. Arianna was looking for an original proposal, which would recall lilac, one of...

Tuxedo: which color to choose?

Chiara Buosi August 11, 2020

Which is the right tuxedo's color?

The wedding day is approaching, you have chosen to have your puppy by your side, but you don't know which suit to choose for him? If the most obvious choice is to...