Christmas has come, now what?

Christmas has come, now what?

Christmas has arrived again this year, a Christmas different from the others for the events that characterized the year that is coming to the end.

We have learned every meaning of the term resilience but, adapting to a "small" Christmas is not easy.

The songs, which immediately make you feel like a child, no longer echo around the city centers, even the sparkling lights in the festively streets seem less actractive to me. The shops' windows shop are also less interesting. The atmosphere, purely consumerist, is no longer the one told in the films, but it is still Christmas.

The restrictions, which all countries are adopting, will limit us but only in movements, not in feelings.

Less caught up in the rush for gifts, we will focus more on those around us, we will give more attention to small things, to the small gestures that we have guilty ignored in the daily routine.

After all, Christmas is a word that conveys happiness just by saying it and, by repeating it, we will understand that it does not matter what we find under the tree but who we find around .

Merry Christmas to all!

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Chiara Buosi

Chiara Buosi

In continuous search for elegance, for two and four legs. I design and realize accessories for our four-legged friends (currently only in the canine version) to give them a touch of style while respecting their dignity.

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