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Every weddins is different, that's why you need the perfect accessories for your wedding.
Each custom made accessory (collar or harness) tells a story, ours but also yours. The choice of the accessory for your dog is a journey that starts from your ideas, your requests, your stories that we translate into fabrics, cuts and sewing. In this page we'd show you a piece of the road we have traveled together.

The grace of the boutonnière
By Francesca S.

In 1840 Queen Victoria presented herself to her future husband by offering him a bouquet of flowers. With his bon ton, Prince Albert engraved with his knife the left of his jacket and inserted the romantic bouquet: thus the boutonniére was born.
Francesca also chose to pay homage to her four-legged prince with a flower, white and pure, like her puppy's love.

A baptism in blue
By Giuseppe

Navy tuxedo harness with matching bow tie with a hypnotic fantasy in blue and gray rhombuses, this was the choice of Giuseppe for his puppy who attended the baptism of his little brother.

A sense ... over time
By Ramona A.

Writing is not magic but it can become the gateway to that world that is hidden within us. The written word has the strength to ignite the imagination and illuminate the interior. Thanks to the "word" we give sound to our thoughts but it is only through the "writing" that we give them meaning over time.
Ramona has decided to stop this moment in time, together with her Orazio.

A blue ocean set
By Laura B.

The poetry of blue is all in the sound of ocean waves. There is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it is sent away. Laura has chosen this color for the set of her faithful and inseparable Peppino.

Harmony and Elegance
By Sonia

The elegance of the blue and the harmony of the shantung in balance between proportions, emotions and surprise have marked Sonia's marriage. Blue as a common thread that unites the two halves of the sky.

Under the sea
By Carola D.

The love for the sea and its submerged treasures were the basis for this set. The blue of the infinite marine depths combined with the white candor of its severe caskets, custodians of timeless wonders, were the chromatic choices of Carola for his Brian

Like spouses
By Amine e Laura

Elegance stems from the naturalness and wisdom of combinations. Like the bride and groom, even their puppies have chosen elegance while respecting their dignity, linked by the common thread of the antic gold color, a distinctive feature of marriage.

Chantilly and Crêpe de Chine petals
By Bendetta S.

Sometimes words are not enough, so colors, shapes and emotions are needed. For her Zoe Benedetta has chosen a collar made of Chantilly lace, to recall her dress, and powder-colored crêpe de chine to make the petals even more similar to those of roses.
The crinkled appearance of the crêpe de chine blends with the lace giving life to a romantic fabric, with delicate colors but capable of painting with emotions.

The journey
By Veronica

Life is a journey, some places are an enigma, others an explanation ... but the best stops are special people.
What then represents marriage if not the most important journey of discovery that a man can accomplish?

"Country" Wedding
By Sofia

A wedding surrounded by nature for Sofia who loves horses and country style. Collar with bow tie for him and collar with roses for her. Both present, allowed the couple to fully experience this event accompanied by music of the wind and the silence of the stars.

The date
By Ilaria

Every day is a date to remember, between the pages of the story of a love story. But there are dates, events that constitute milestones of the story, joints through which history passes and acquires strength, vigor. For each couple one of these dates is the day of the wedding and Ilaria and Federico have decided to embroider the harness of their Freud, guardian of the emotions of this day.

Thistle wedding
By Arianna

Thisle is a plant whose flowers are organized according to a perfect geometry and fascinating for their regularity. The thistle is never a single flower, but a collection of small flowers tightened against each other, surrounded by thorns that defend them from herbivorous animals, like a family! If the bride and groom are the roses, the thread that unites them is their puppy, the thistle purple flower.

All the family
By Cherie

Few bonds are pure and profound as that which binds a dog to a man.
The bond of mutual belonging breaks down all barriers and will never allow us to exclude them in the important moments of our life.
On her most important day, Cherie wanted her puppy at her side, dressed like the groom, because the birth of a new family starts with simple things that are never trivial: feelings.

A moment in time
By Maria Vittoria

We all want a moment in time that's only ours. Where dreams are only at a heartbeat and where we are protagonists of our world. Maria Vittoria has chosen to embroider the date of this moment on the ring pillow which her faithful puppy will bring to the altar.

Four-legged biker
By Arianna e Marco

Is it the road to say who you are or are you the one who chooses the road that best tells about you? This pair of harnesses recalls, with a touch of femininity, the biker suits ... for the "on the road" puppies.

The sense of time
By Jessica

Writing has always allowed us to make sense, of words, over time. As evidence of a special day, the words, in this case the names, must be written, indelibly, in the hearts of all the participants. For this reason Jessica chose to embroider the name of her Joe on the collar.

The reasons of the heart
By Julia K.

The heart has its reasons which reason does not know. When the love of a couple is sublimated in marriage, should the choices not be made with the heart?
For the wedding, Julia, chose a set that symbolized the triumph of the heart for her ring bearer. When her cocker spaniel will bring the rings and the spouses will exchange them, both will touch the heart of eternity.

The roaring 20s
By Nadine

The years of big bands and Charlestone, of old jazz and gangsters but also of movie's stard. The years of reborn of fashion, where everything was great. Nadine chose this theme for her wedding and for Hope, her splendid Golden, the inevitable tuxedo worn by gentlemen in official ceremonies. Golden sparkling bow tie, to give the magic style of that period!

A superhero with a suit
By Simone e Valentina

There are superheroes who don't need a costume or a heavy hammer. They do not have the Viking charm of a comic book hero but who demonstrate the strength of their love every day. Thor will accompany Simone and Valentina faithful, elegant and with his suit!

The herringbone harness
By Ruth S.

Our uniqueness is expressed thanks to our thoughts, our emotions but above all our choices.
A refined herringbone fabric in shades of white and dark gray is combined with a total black collar to contrast the fabric. The bow tie in a delicate shade of pink breaks the rigor of the tuxedo giving the whole a note of freshness.

Romance and Elegance
By Maria

The romanticism of lace, capable of touching sensitivity and inviting to emotion, led to the altar by the elegance and style of the classic shirt collar. Maria chose this combination for her puppies: romanticism and elegance.

The language of roses
By Claudia

The rose speaks of love silently, in a language that only the heart can understand. And which color to choose, for the collar of her pups, if not the one usually associated with love?

By Raffaella

A delicate balance between the classic style of the tuxedo and the passion of red color. But what is an emotion if not an imperfection of balance? This set, where dominates the "rich red" color, will dress Raffaella's puppy, who will be, thanks to the satin pillow, also the ring bearer!

Red and Toby
By Daniela

The red color is a symbol of lively emotions, energy and movement. It is the color of the heart, of love, of the desire to experience intense sensations. It is a bold color, not for everyone. The splendid Toby wore this elegant outfit, which has as its main theme the red color, to be a witness of the most beautiful day, of those who have chosen it for a lifetime!

Wedding on Christmas Eve
Wedding on Christmas Eve
By Quin

What's more poetic than a wedding on Christmas Eve? The snow and mountains of Idaho served as a backdrop for Quin's wedding, which asked for a Christmas touch in the papillon fantasy.

Roses on white
By Alessia S.

Three roses, symbol of beauty and perfection, lying on a snow-white mantle. What is love that binds two hearts if not the union of candor and devotion of two people who decide to bind themselves forever?

The candor of natural
By Paola

A "less is more" set for Paola characterized by the choice of the natural color with which to dress her puppy. A touch of elegance able to enhance the beauty of her puppy and ignite the magic of her glance.

In balance between two colors
By Melody

How to combine green and white, the colors chosen by Melody for her wedding? Taking advantage of the preference for the tie, we managed, with two stripes that highlight the edges, to combine the two colors, revisiting the classic style with a touch of freshness.

Hunter Green
By Alexandra

Each person has his own color, a shade whose light just transpires along the contours of the body. A kind of halo. As in the figures seen in backlight. Alexandra identifies herself in the hunter green color, a color with a strong reference to nature, love for the family and puppies

Even for dad!
By Chiara

This is the first set for 2 & 4 legs. Chiara asked that both puppy and dad wear the same shade of yellow, the leitmotif of the wedding. We found the fabric in a very characteristic shop during our holidays and we immediately fell in love with it.

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