Chantilly and Crêpe de Chine petals

Lace and Crepe de Chine

What to do when you want your dog to bring you the rings to the altar?

The first thing is to "dress" her elegantly, in touch with marriage, but respecting her dignity.

What to look for for her "outfit"? Sometimes words are not enough, so colors, shapes and emotions are needed. For Zoe, Benedetta chose a Chantilly lace collar, to recall her dress, and blush-colored crêpe de chine to make the petals even more similar to those of roses.

The crinkled aspect of the crêpe de chine blends with the lace giving life to a romantic fabric, with delicate colors but capable of painting with emotions.

The ring holder, positioned under the roses, allows you to hook the wedding rings just below the roses and allow Zoe to take them to the altar.

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Chiara Buosi

Chiara Buosi

In continuous search for elegance, for two and four legs. I design and realize accessories for our four-legged friends (currently only in the canine version) to give them a touch of style while respecting their dignity.

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