The year to come

The year to come

A few years simply "pass", they slip away into anonymity and end up in oblivion. Others don't, they mark you forever, like some of the moments that have marked them.
Some of you will remember 9th November 1989: the fall of the Berlin Wall. 2020 was even more "significant".

From the richest to the poorest countries, one after another every nation, every city has been hit by the pandemic.

Divided by "interpersonal distances" but united by digital, this year's silent revolution. We have been forced to make sudden changes in our lifestyle, our habits, our way of communicating.

Lucio Dalla, an Italian singer, in his "L’anno che verrà" (the year to come) sang

The old year is over now
But something is still wrong here
We go out little in the evening, including when it's a party

It is necessary to persevere in our efforts, in compliance with the rules but above all, to continue to be resilient.

"It was our resilience that allowed us to face difficulties in a positive way, allowed us to trace roads where there were obstacles, to disguise falls with magnificent flights."

I too, after a period of bewilderment, with difficulty I chose to raise my head, to concentrate on what I like and on what I can do to give moments of happiness to those who want to share them with their four-legged friends.

Re-inventing myself was the philosophy of my project, it will also be to one for 2021.

For this reason I wanted to say THANK YOU for being with me this year, for your trust, your support and for your resilience which
has been a source of inspiration for me.

What I wish you for next year is to enhance the good that this shocking 2020 has given us, cultivating those resources that were unknown to us but that we discovered we had.

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Chiara Buosi

Chiara Buosi

In continuous search for elegance, for two and four legs. I design and realize accessories for our four-legged friends (currently only in the canine version) to give them a touch of style while respecting their dignity.

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