Who looks alike?

Chiara Buosi November 03, 2019

Who looks alike?

Do you remember that scene of "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" where Pongo looks out of the window different dog and human couples that resemble each other? Years...

Roller coaster

Chiara Buosi September 23, 2019

Roller coaster

I admit that it's not always easy to be an entrepreneur, a partner and follow two old furry friends. I always try to show the beautiful side of the work, to satisfy...

Collar with roses and lace

Chiara Buosi September 09, 2019

The lace collar

I've always had trouble thinking about elegant and respectful products for girly dogs. It will be that when I approach Manu with anything vaguely resembling a...

Simone and Valentina's Wedding: Thor

Chiara Buosi September 06, 2019

A superhero in elegant dress!

There are superheroes who don't need a costume or a heavy hammer. They do not have the Viking charm of a comic book hero but, every day, demonstrate the strength...

Sewing Month

Chiara Buosi September 02, 2019

The importance of sewing

September is the sewing month in the United States. Ronald Reagan, president of USA, in 1982 recognized its importance for his nation and proclaimed September as...

Dog Day

Chiara Buosi August 26, 2019

Dog day

There is a "international day" for everything ... or almost. From the most famous (peace, food, human rights) to the most bizarre (wetlands, mouse-around...

Joe & Bixby

Chiara Buosi August 16, 2019

Joe & Bixby

Joseph contacted me about a year ago for a tuxedo harness. He's a guy from Colorado and has the clean face of those who grew up outdoors in the state of the Rocky...

Ten rules for bringing your dog to the wedding

Chiara Buosi August 15, 2019

Ten rules for bringing your dog to the wedding

Pets play an important role in many people's lives. Precisely for this reason, on the day of the wedding, it is not possible to renounce them. The party is not complete...

Seven reasons to buy handmade products

Chiara Buosi August 13, 2019

Seven reasons to buy handmade products

Sometimes we compare handmade product to "commercial" ones. Why buy handmade so ? Defining exactly the terms "art" and "craft" is...

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