Seven reasons to buy handmade products

Seven reasons to buy handmade products

Sometimes we compare handmade product to "commercial" ones. Why buy handmade so ?

Defining exactly the terms "art" and "craft" is not simple, and for them many definitions have been given.
Although the line of distinction between art and craft is confused and perhaps meaningless, in general, art responds to a need for pure expression, while craftsmanship responds to a need for defined use. The salient feature of the artisan activity is the hand crafting. Craft techniques are often part of traditions and have been handed down over many generations.

When you buy a handmade product, you buy a piece of history, of culture, something unique that only you will have.

Below I have listed seven reasons (yeah not the classic then point list!) to prefer the work of a creative.

  • Uniqueness. Our uniqueness is the most precious gift we have, what characterizes us and makes us different from others. A handmade product is unique, like you. Every creation is different from the others: just like you it is unique.

  • Love and attention to details. The crafter creates every item with care and passion, paying attention to even the smallest detail because he has always been the most severe judge of himself / herself.

  • Customize.
    The product is not "mass produced" and therefore can be modified, customized. Each creation can be varied to meet your needs. Can you say the same about an industrial product?

  • It is ethically correct. In making a handmade article there is no exploitation of child labor or underpaid labor.

  • Has a story. Each article has a story, regardless of whether you give it to you or keep it for you, creation has an added value.

  • You are worth. For the creative you are a person not a number. There is always a direct contact between those who sell and those who buy, whether on the web or at a flea market. You know what you buy, you know who you are buying from.

  • Tradition and innovation . The crafter keeps old traditions and old trades alive while giving them a touch of modernity linked to his vision of the profession.

  • Choosing an artisan product is in contrast with today's canonical methods of buying but which, compared to the standard, certainly has an added value.

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