Dog day

Dog Day

There is a "international day" for everything ... or almost. From the most famous (peace, food, human rights) to the most bizarre (wetlands, mouse-around icons, ice cream for breakfast) every day is a "international day" to be celebrated. Could our faithful four-legged friends be missing? Obviously not, and on August 26th is Dog Day.

Improve our quality of life

A dog, like any other pet, is a commitment and, should not be underestimated. It needs time, care and attention. It's not a toy, it does not have an on/off switch to be activated only when we desire. You must evaluate all these factors before making a choice.
If the commitment and responsibilities have not discouraged you then you can certainly find a furry friend who will give you all his love.

The dog has only one purpose in life: to give his heart

Joe Randolph Ackerley

Dogs are loving, faithful companions (they see the humans they live with as members of their "gang", and therefore defend them and never abandon them, unlike humans ...) and are spontaneously able to make us happy.
Spending time with your puppy (even 30 minutes a day) releases oxytocin, a hormone of well-being and happiness.

Several studies show that thanks to them we can better control anxiety, depression and stress.

There is no better psychiatrist in the world like a puppy that licks your face


Help our heart

According to a research conducted by the University of Harward their presence improves the health of our heart. In fact, several studies show that blood pressure is lowered when we caress them. There is also evidence that the presence of a dog also reduces the level of cholesterol and triglycerides. Combining this with the ability to relieve stress (mentioned above) it is clear what benefits they bring to the quality of our life.

Make us more active

The need to take them out 2/3 times a day greatly reduces the risk of a sedentary lifestyle. If we combine this with the physical exercise that we do when we play with them, we will be able to burn fat while having fun!

Enhance our self-esteem

Thanks to them also increases our self-esteem, we feel more confident about ourselves and more sociable.

For the world, you are someone.
For someone you are the world.

Erich Fried

A dog is all of this and even more as knows who has one or more fur-friend in his/her life. I confess that when I have to choose the photo for the post, I found myself very distressed. I have many more shots of Charlie and Manu than I have of myself. In some they are funny, irreverent, in others they are elegant, almost posing (but how hard it is to do the harness shots!). In the end the choice fell on this photo of Manu: happy while playing in the garden with her puppet. I believe in fact that a dog expresses a lot with his eyes and in those two eyes (and nose) there is all my Manu!

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