The strength to be ourselves

Harness and leash with herringbone fabric

What defines us? This is a philosophical question that is not easy to answer.

We are the experiences we have had and will do, we are our emotions, we are our thoughts, our ideas but above all our actions. Globalization has made this world increasingly stereotyped and has meant that our uniqueness is not always seen as a value but, at times, it becomes a source of stress. Often, failing to fully grasp it, we are confronted with models, with standards and the difference heightens our discomfort instead of enhancing our values.

After the "philosophical" premise, I can tell you that I have always considered my and others' uniqueness a great value and I have applied this vision also to BowPawTie. Guaranteeing uniqueness requires an extra effort on my part, I have to abandon my comfort zone and the certainties acquired but I must tell you that the risk and effort have always been repaid by your feedback.

As I said before, we are our emotions, our ideas. Each of us imagines his/her wedding different from the others. Often you ask me to create customized projects and if this firstly scares me a little later it gratifies me for the trust you place in my abilities.

This is one of last custom projects.

Realizing your project is a fascinating challenge that involves me totally and allows me to fully express myself. The search for new materials, new ideas makes this work even more beautiful.
The future spouses have chosen for their puppy a refined herringbone fabric in shades of white and dark gray combined with a total black collar to contrast the fabric used for the rest of the harness. The bow tie in a delicate shade of pink breaks the rigor of the tuxedo giving the whole a note of freshness.

I am very satisfied with the final result, I managed to balance the rigor needed for the ceremony with the liveliness of the celebrations. What do you think about it?

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Chiara Buosi

Chiara Buosi

In continuous search for elegance, for two and four legs. I design and realize accessories for our four-legged friends (currently only in the canine version) to give them a touch of style while respecting their dignity.

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