The lace collar

Collar with roses and lace

I've always had trouble thinking about elegant and respectful products for girly dogs.

It will be that when I approach Manu with anything vaguely resembling a collar in an embryonic stage, she adopts a technique similar to that of the ice age's opossums: she throws herself on the floor belly to the air and gets up only for a trick.

It will be that until now I had no specific creativity.

For these reasons I said to myself: this year will be the year of the girly dogs! Girl Power!

Now it's September and I have to rush otherwise I would have to postpone this project again.

Just as the dress of the groom inspired me in the creation of the harness for the puppies, I looked for identical inspiration in the bride's dress.
The variety of proposals for women is certainly superior to the male counterpart, but there is a common denominator: the white color, lace and silk, right?

These were the starting elements for the collar (and leash).
To give a touch of style and femininity, I decided to add two roses, one of white satin and one of silk crepe.
For the lace I chose the Chantilly one: a light and transparent lace, with floral wreath motifs. It is an evergreen, recently returned to fashion for fairytale dresses, which balances charm and elegance.
But if your puppy at the wedding is not a fairy tale, what should it be?

I particularly liked the result (otherwise I wouldn't have proposed it, I must be the first to believe in my products) because the reference to the bride's dress is very strong and that was my goal.
What do you think about it?

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Chiara Buosi

Chiara Buosi

In continuous search for elegance, for two and four legs. I design and realize accessories for our four-legged friends (currently only in the canine version) to give them a touch of style while respecting their dignity.

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