Beige Striped Collar with Tie / BowTie


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Collar with bow tie (or tie) handmade in a refined white and beige striped.

Designed for special occasions, those of "Yes, I do", where your puppy can't miss being your witness.

Ideal for weddings and all the ceremonies in which you wish to have your four-legged friend by your side.

The collar is composed of a high percentage of cotton or linen, so as to make it more comfortable for our four-legged friends.
To ensure greater strength, the collar is bonded and stitched with a triple stitch. The points of greatest stress are blocked with "X" runners.

Finally, there is a practical adjuster to guarantee the best fit and a metal ring for attaching tags or leashes (I do not recommend the use of a collar for dogs that pull particularly when using a leash, for them I suggest one of my harnesses).

General notes

All our products are handmaded at the time of order, using high quality Italian fabrics.

Since this is a handcraft production, it can happen that the position of the fantasies can suffer slight variations of placement and that there will not be two identical items.

This is not a sign of carelessness but a guarantee of craftsmanship and uniqueness.

  • Model: BPT-CO-BEST
  • Type: Collar
  • Material: Cotton
  • Buckle: Plastic
  • Style: Collar with BowTie or Tie
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