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Sometimes words are not enough. Then you need colors, shapes, emotions.

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Taylor made products, created by placing your needs at the center and sewing all around. The "made to measure" guarantees your puppy the certainty of being comfortable, the certainty that every accessory is suitable for him, the emotion and elegance of an exclusive object. Our products respect and preserve the morphology, harmony, natural lines and dignity of your four-legged friend.

Unique Products

Collars, harnesses and leashes handcrafted and made to measure. Essential accessories for those who pursue the elegance and comfort for your four-legged friends, respecting their dignity. They enhance the style and personal taste.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

There are alternatives to animal skin and we must use them: innovative materials to protect animals. Quality, non-polluting fabrics to protect the environment. We build our future consciously.

Quality of Made in Italy

Quality materials, carefully selected from those used for men's or women's clothing. Unique garments, sewn, according to the needs of our four-legged friend, in our laboratory in Carpi.

Why made to measure?

Because it is a totally different experience, where originality and uniqueness blend with wearability. It is a philosophy that abandons the consumerism of disposable, giving you the pride of a durable object, created especially for you. Designing something made especially for you, for your needs, gives you more value, and improves the quality of your life and that of your four-legged friend.
"Made to measure" is not just an accessory created with your puppy's measurements is a 360 degree experience. It is a garment designed for your puppy, thanks to the advice of Chiara who will follow you step by step in choosing the best outfit, creating special drafts, advising you in the choice of fabrics, sewing and finishing with skill, the accessory you want. Give yourself the pride of letting your four-legged friend wear an indispensable garment for those who pursue elegance, made for him.


BowPawTie is a small artisan reality that lives thanks to your enthusiasm, support and trust: these are my sources of energy and drive.
Without you, BowPawTie, it would have simply remained a dream, so I regard BowPawTie as a family. You too can be part of it and add your puppy to the 2280 elegant furry that, in the world, have chosen one of my accessories.


Elegance and respect for dignity

Do you get married?

Pets play an important role in many people's lives. Precisely for this reason, on the wedding day, it is unthinkable to give them up. Are you looking for an elegant, resistant and tailor-made product to have your dog at the ceremony? Visit the wedding with your dog page and find the perfect accessory!